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the Death of the Video Star

a visual novel about the aftermath of killing God.

assorted writing

MUSICALS ARE FOR LESBIANS NOW (posted 6/18/2023) - some lesbian interpretations of popular musicals just 4 funsies

on tanking (posted 04/17/2023) - thoughts i wrote down about playing a tank in overwatch, and also about health in video games, and also about pain in real life


i really enjoy making silly little quizzes in my spare time. also i'm gonna be real, i don't know how accurate these dates are, this is just what uquiz claims and i unfortunately do not have a photographic memory of when i published these quizzes.

pick some things, i'll recommend you a game (created 4/20/2022) - i'll be real. i just really missed making quizzes when i made this. which is also why i'm really sideeyeing that date but not enough to actually investigate.

which archetype that i'm drawn to are you? (created 4/20/2022) - i have collected a large number of fictional characters i enjoy, put them in a list, and separated out five different tropes i seem really drawn to.

what character from cats the musical are you? (created 1/19/2021) - this is a cats the musical respect zone. tbh the movie is a camp classic but i do not have kind thoughts about tom hooper's directing.